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Set high expectations and raise employee performance

Are you feeling disappointed and frustrated that your employees are producing less than stellar results or do you worry that your expectations are too high? I believe every business leader should set high expectations of themselves and their people them and I’ve seen the best leaders employ a simple three step process to raise employee performance. This process was succinctly described by Joel Garfinkle in his 2013 article which I have reproduced below:

1. Set high expectations
2. Communicate specifics
3. Apply accountability.

Let’s take a closer look at each step:

Set high expectations: As a leader and manager, you are responsible for creating the environment […]

Don’t abandon your people at a critical time!

I am frequently astounded by how often good people are completely abandoned by their line managers and the wider organisation when they have been promoted or asked to take on a critical new role or project.

The cost to your business can be immense if they fail, especially when mission critical projects are not delivered or key parts of your business plan are poorly executed. Employees soon become disengaged, attrition rates soar and moral quickly plunges. We know that success breeds success and promotes a culture of achievement and can-do. How often have you seen failure and negativity […]

Using Kotter’s 8 Step Model to Lead Change

Change is inevitable and continuous. But how can you make sure that the change you want or need to make in your business is successful and enduring? This article describes a simple but effective 8 step model developed by the world renowned change expert John Kotter. It also contains a series of prompts to help business owners and leaders successfully lead their people through the process of organisational change.

1. Create a Sense of Urgency
For change to happen, it helps if the whole company really wants it. Develop a sense of urgency around the need for […]

10 Ways to Shorten Lengthy Meetings

Great meetings create efficiency. Here are some thoughts from Leadership expert, Dan Rockwell

1. Ban electronic devices. Everyone will be anxious to end the meeting if they can’t read or send texts or emails.
2. Send background materials the day before. Meet with a key player who can gather and summarize materials for the team. Review and approve all background information before it’s sent.
3. State the purpose of the meeting when you send out the agenda. State the purpose again at the beginning of the meeting. A meeting without a purpose is a complete waste of time.
4. Establish action items on the agenda, not discussion […]

Successfully Manage Your Remote Teams

In today’s business world, teams are often likely to have members that are remote from one another. Teams can consist of a variety of members, some of whom might participate on an ad-hoc or part-time basis, and it’s possible that they may never see each other in person. From a manager’s perspective, this sounds very difficult. However there are ways to successfully manage remote individuals and teams. Here are a few things to consider (more…)

Don’t Waste Your Money on Coaching!

Many businesses now regularly use coaching to address a variety of strategic, operational and developmental issues.  These range from enabling people to become more effective as a business leader or manager, transition successfully to a more senior role, increase sales volumes and revenues, or to deliver important projects in full, on time within complex, multi-cultural organisations with matrix working environments.

But how do you ensure you are getting the best return on your investment from coaching? (more…)

The Impact of Gen Y on Business Leadership

Olaf Swantee, the CEO of EE (Everything Everywhere), wrote an interesting article following research he commissioned by Deloitte (Upwardly Mobile: Redefining business mobility in Britain http://tinyurl.com/oxs7h88) about what he considers will be the impact of Gen Y (those currently aged 33 and under) on how businesses are led in the future. As Jack Welch, one of the most celebrated business leaders of the 20th Century, puts it: “Generation Y is the most exciting group in the world. They want to do their own thing, they want to change the world. Technology’s changed so fast. The internet’s come, they can […]

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Engage and Retain Your Talent

A business needs to identify, engage and retain their talent if they are to continue to grow and succeed in today’s highly competitive world. This is especially important in key industries where the ability to identify, recruit and retain talent is a lead measure of success (or failure). Product innovation, making new markets instead of passively responding to customers’ demands and the ability to predict the future direction of your market are key measures of whether your business will succeed in the long term.  And make no mistake, the war for talent is still on!

So, if you have been […]

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Ten Ways to Be a Great Leader

How does a leader bring out the best in others? It starts with having Emotional Intelligence.

I am grateful to showcase this article by Chris Sabido, Partner, Emerge which I think talks a lot of sense!

Great leaders understand that the only way for a team or company to reach its full potential is to bring out the best in all of the people who work in the organization. When they are able to help others be their best, things that all companies seek – such as increased profits, passion, engagement, creativity, and innovation – naturally emerge.

So, how does a leader […]

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7 Reasons to Consider a Merger or Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions are back on the agenda for many Boards of  Directors and Executive Management teams.  But why bother?  Surely the evidence suggests that the great majority of mergers or acquisitions fail on a number of counts.  Integration is difficult and leveraging the synergies is a complex task. However, M & As can be worthwhile if you are clear about why you are merging or acquiring another company. Here are some sound reasons why you might consider a merger or acquisition to gain some competitive advantage:
Sound reasons to consider a merger or acquisition:

Increase the size of your business […]

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