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Is Collaboration the Same Thing as Cooperation?

Most people agree that collaboration across functions and divisions is critical for major projects and initiatives designed to reduce costs or generate new revenues but collaboration remains elusive for many companies as they continue to struggle to bring together the necessary skills and resources of different departments, each focused on their own specific objectives.

The upshot of a lack of collaboration is that new opportunities to create economic value are thwarted or completely missed; complex, customised products are hard to create on time and on budget; new sales and distribution channels are difficult to negotiate, and interactions with customers […]

Set high expectations and raise employee performance

Are you feeling disappointed and frustrated that your employees are producing less than stellar results or do you worry that your expectations are too high? I believe every business leader should set high expectations of themselves and their people them and I’ve seen the best leaders employ a simple three step process to raise employee performance. This process was succinctly described by Joel Garfinkle in his 2013 article which I have reproduced below:

1. Set high expectations
2. Communicate specifics
3. Apply accountability.

Let’s take a closer look at each step:

Set high expectations: As a leader and manager, you are responsible for creating the environment […]

5 tips for building a strong corporate board

How often have we seen potentially great companies fail because they don’t have a strong board? I read an article recently by Juliet de Baubigny on some practical tips for assembling a great board which I thought made great sense! Her top 5 tips for building a strong corporate board are:

1. Know the company’s vision. Where do you want the company to go? Define what you need the board to do to achieve those goals. Keep that in mind as you consider and define the attributes, skills, and experiences that you need of your board members.
2. Seek the right skills. Create […]

Using Kotter’s 8 Step Model to Lead Change

Change is inevitable and continuous. But how can you make sure that the change you want or need to make in your business is successful and enduring? This article describes a simple but effective 8 step model developed by the world renowned change expert John Kotter. It also contains a series of prompts to help business owners and leaders successfully lead their people through the process of organisational change.

1. Create a Sense of Urgency
For change to happen, it helps if the whole company really wants it. Develop a sense of urgency around the need for […]

Business Owners Need to be Accountable Too!

Why business owners should consider hiring an executive coach: by Pat Doody founder of WONGDOODY

One of the more puzzling and precarious realities about how owners lead businesses these days is the vast numbers who do so with little to no accountability. Every other employee is subject to scrutiny and performance reviews. Except if you’re the company King, The Boss Boss. But is that truly viable and sustainable?

Kudos are certainly due to owners for having the smarts, vision, courage and stamina to own the company. Many of you actually founded it. Congratulations. But owners would readily admit (more…)

3 Things to Do to Build a Positive Culture

How does a business leader or senior manager go about developing and improving their company culture? How do you know if it’s working? 

1. Create a meaningful purpose statement and be clear about your core values

I’ve long held the view that organisations should have a clear and defined purpose that is inspiring and motivating for both customers and employees alike. This should be a higher purpose than just making money, as important as making profit is! For example, are you making medical devices or saving lives? Are you building houses or creating communities where people can live a wonderful life?

Spend […]