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Leaders need to influence others to succeed.

This article is based on one originally written by Mary Jo Asmus.

The ability to influence others may be the most important thing leaders do. An organization I know lists influence as  one of its top leadership proficiencies. Their description, paraphrased:

“The ability to generate support from others to achieve desired business outcomes. Leaders who exhibit this competency apply it in a planned and strategic way, never randomly. They motivate people to want to follow them even when they don’t have to.”

When I ask leaders what influence means to them, they often say they want to win others over to their […]

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UK MD: Global US Private Bank

The coaching was highly sensitive and areas for coaching included:

Improve his relationship with the global Managing Partner
Develop a clear strategy for rigorous European growth
Embrace a more collaborative style of leadership
Improve his networking and stakeholder management.

The Coaching Plan was agreed with the global Managing Partner together with how success and change would be measured. This included comparison with a before and after 360˚ survey and specific sales growth and networking targets on his balanced scorecard. The global Managing Partner was asked to give feedback on any changes he noticed in the MD’s relationship with him.

We held six face-to-face coaching sessions […]

Global Head of Network Consolidation: Global Communication Company

I was approached by the UK HR Director to work with a fast track future leader who they wanted to prepare for a much larger global role which would be of critical importance to the future profitability of the business. Specific areas for his coaching were identified as:

Leading & implementing significant organisational change programmes
Working successfully at senior level across a complex global matrix
Building more confidence as a potential C-suite leader.

I worked with a small stakeholder group consisting of the coachee, his current and future bosses and the UK HRD to agree and sign-off a Coaching Plan which detailed the […]

European Director of Marketing: Global IT Company

I was asked to coach the European Director of Marketing on three issues:

Developing and implementing a European marketing strategy: influencing the Executive Leadership Team to   move from a product focus to a total client solutions proposition
Restructuring the marketing function; work closer with sales
Help him become more self-aware & deal with frustration better.

We jointly developed a Coaching Plan which was signed off by the Chief Executive and agreed a method of evaluating success which included both quantitative and qualitative measures. We held six two hour face-to-face coaching sessions over five months, with regular telephone calls and email interaction between sessions. […]

Do These 7 Things to Win Your Next Promotion!

1. Connect with the important people – identify the most important people in your organisation that you need to know and impress. Make sure they know who you are and what you are achieving for their business. Don’t over-promote yourself, get others to tell these people about you – the subtle approach is best!
2. Build a reputation for delivering results – get known for consistently delivering results. Senior leaders promote people they can trust, who won’t let them down and who will make their life easier!
3. Contribute beyond your own functional or business area – show you are willing to ‘go the […]

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