High growth businesses go through various stages of development and it is difficult for hands-on, heavily involved founder/owner Entrepreneurs to take a detached view and know where they are at salient points of the growth cycle.

A business will typically be grappling with challenges and exhibit some characteristics at each phase of growth. Understanding where you are on the growth cycle and most importantly, what you need to do to move to the next stage, is critically important to ensure the business has a successful future.  Typical challenges experienced at each stage are:

  • Start up – here energy and enthusiasm is high, sales are buoyant and the market challenge is new and exciting. The structure of the business, how things are done and efficient management are seemingly less important than winning more business, fulfilling orders and building reputation
  • Phase 1 Growth – this is the time when the market matures and growth slows as competitors enter the market replicating products and services, often producing them more efficiently and cheaper. Efficiency drives, the search for new markets, products and services, the growing realisation that the founder/owner manager can’t do everything and how to scale up the business are some of the challenges facing Entrepreneurs and senior managers
  • Phase 2 Growth – often symbolised by the recruitment of professional managers, the first attempt at developing an organisation structure and improving processes and governance, the business strives for long term survival through acquisition, amalgamation or an aggressive push on organic growth through increased sales activity. The main challenge for Entrepreneurs here is ensuring the strategy is right, the business plan is deployed successfully, performance is managed and measured and most importantly, that the business is financially sound and effectively managed
  • Phase 3 Growth – now the business is mature, often selling in international/global markets. Entrepreneurs and leaders have to learn new skills and knowledge including managing complex logistics and supply chains, working a matrix structure, negotiating with hard-nosed customers and suppliers. Key issues include whether power is successfully deployed to the functional areas or across geographies or is it held tightly at the centre? Threats come from more aggressive, larger competitors and the business may itself be acquired or amalgamated.

How can I help you?

Executive and Leadership coaching is a powerful tool to help you step back from the business, reflect, identify your barriers to growth and profitability wherever you are in the growth cycle.  We will then work together to develop a Breakthrough Plan for Growth which will set out the strategic priorities you need to address.  These can address growth barriers across many dimensions including strategy & strategy deployment; organisation structure; leadership and people capability; marketing and sales; innovation and change; finances and sustainability.

To explore in complete confidence and without obligation how I can help you breakthrough your barriers to growth and take your business to the next level, please call me on 07597 674328 or email me philip@philipperry.com

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