I was asked to coach the European Director of Marketing on three issues:

  • Developing and implementing a European marketing strategy: influencing the Executive Leadership Team to   move from a product focus to a total client solutions proposition
  • Restructuring the marketing function; work closer with sales
  • Help him become more self-aware & deal with frustration better.

Europe flagWe jointly developed a Coaching Plan which was signed off by the Chief Executive and agreed a method of evaluating success which included both quantitative and qualitative measures. We held six two hour face-to-face coaching sessions over five months, with regular telephone calls and email interaction between sessions. A final exit review meeting was held with the Chief Executive to evaluate progress and success of the programme.

We initially concentrated on the Director’s frustration and helped him identify what led to a build-up which unchecked, could come out inappropriately. We then assessed which of the issues that lead to his frustration he could address and which were out of his ‘circle of influence’. I introduced him to a simple, but highly effective, cognitive behavioural model so he could map events as they happened and his response at a thinking, feeling and behavioural level. This instantly gave him more control over his frustrations and how he reacted to them.

We explored potential European marketing strategies which would enable the business to reposition itself as a ‘one stop IT solutions Company’. We also developed various options for the structure of the marketing function – fitness for purpose of the current and proposed team structure; did he have the right people in the right role with the right skills? Where did he need to recruit, redeploy or up-skill employees?

Finally, we mapped his key stakeholders and looked at how he could build closer, more productive ties with them. I introduced the coachee to a comprehensive method of stakeholder mapping and management as well as a model for influencing and persuading others in a global matrix organisation.

The Director successfully presented both the potential European strategy and the restructured marketing function to the Executive Leadership Team for approval.

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