I was approached by the UK HR Director to work with a fast track future leader who they wanted to prepare for a much larger global role which would be of critical importance to the future profitability of the business. Specific areas for his coaching were identified as:

  • Leading & implementing significant organisational change programmes
  • Working successfully at senior level across a complex global matrix
  • Building more confidence as a potential C-suite leader.

globe3I worked with a small stakeholder group consisting of the coachee, his current and future bosses and the UK HRD to agree and sign-off a Coaching Plan which detailed the areas for coaching and the outcomes required.  Coaching took place over a seven month period as the coachee had been asked to join a significant global project delivery team as part of his transition to a more senior, higher profile role. We held six two hour face-to-face coaching sessions and had regular telephone calls and email interaction between sessions. A final exit review meeting was held with the coachee’s future boss and the UK HRD to gauge ongoing development needs and evaluate the success of the coaching programme.

I introduced ‘Jason’ to a comprehensive model for mapping and managing key stakeholder relationships in complex multinational organisations and he found this invaluable not only to identify his key stakeholders, but to clarify with whom he needed to work closely or just keep informed of progress. In conjunction with this, we utilised a well-researched methodology so ‘Jason’ could practise influencing and persuading senior people over whom he had no direct authority to engage with his global project and make significant contributions to delivery of the plan.

We used Kotter’s 8 Steps to Effective Organisational Change model to help ‘Jason’ understand how and be able to successfully plan and lead significant organisational change. He also grew in confidence as a leader by resolving some underlying psychological ‘limiting beliefs’ about his ability and right to be a senior leader in a world renowned communications company, heightening his self- awareness and emotional intelligence and identifying and building on his strengths as a leader.

The review interview at the end of the coaching programme confirmed:

  • A substantial improvement in his confidence as a leader and his willingness to both engage with and challenge senior leaders
  • A clear understanding and knowledge of the key measures of success to implement and lead large change programmes
  • An increased ability to influence and engage people across a global matrix.

As a result of the coaching, ‘Jason’ was promoted to the Global Head of Network Consolidation role and almost doubled his salary and remuneration package as a result!


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