The coaching was highly sensitive and areas for coaching included:

  • Improve his relationship with the global Managing Partner
  • Develop a clear strategy for rigorous European growth
  • Embrace a more collaborative style of leadership
  • Improve his networking and stakeholder management.

globe2The Coaching Plan was agreed with the global Managing Partner together with how success and change would be measured. This included comparison with a before and after 360˚ survey and specific sales growth and networking targets on his balanced scorecard. The global Managing Partner was asked to give feedback on any changes he noticed in the MD’s relationship with him.

We held six face-to-face coaching sessions over a six month period and had regular progress reviews with the European HR Director.

Through the coaching programme we established the MD’s leadership strengths, the range of leadership styles available to him and when it was appropriate to adopt each style. The MD experimented with consciously taking a more collaborative approach and the second 360˚ survey showed significant progress in this respect. We ‘bottomed-out’ the psychological aspects hindering his relationship with his boss and resolved most of these so that the MD could reframe the Managing Partner and his style in a more positive light. Feedback from the Managing Partner was extremely positive at the end of the coaching intervention.

Progress on developing a European growth strategy proved slower as a key element to success was engaging a large number of important stakeholders across Europe and the USA. The MD developed sales and growth plans with his colleagues for the key regions in Europe, each with a nominated senior manager owner. This collaborative approach produced robust plans which were structured for the first time, meant that employees were fully engaged with and committed to delivering them. The plans we communicated to the wider business including key stakeholders.

Return on investment from the coaching is still being evaluated. However some clear gains from the coaching are:

  • A more engaged, happier UK workforce with the potential to achieve growth targets even in challenging market conditions
  • Robust plans and processes for sales and key account management
  • An improved likelihood of the MD achieving Partner status
  • A leader with increased self and cultural awareness and more choice about how he leads his significant part of the global business.


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