I am frequently astounded by how often good people are completely abandoned by their line managers and the wider organisation when they have been promoted or asked to take on a critical new role or project.

The cost to your business can be immense if they fail, especially when mission critical projects are not delivered or key parts of your business plan are poorly executed. Employees soon become disengaged, attrition rates soar and moral quickly plunges. We know that success breeds success and promotes a culture of achievement and can-do. How often have you seen failure and negativity spread like an unstoppable virus through a team or organisation when the leader is failing or struggling to make an impact?

When you promote a manager or leader to a bigger or more demanding role, or ask them to take on a critical project in addition to their day-to-day activities, they will invariably need to think, work and behave differently. They must quickly develop a raft of new skills if they are to succeed.

Coaching is an excellent way of supporting newly promoted leaders and managers and employees being asked to take on bigger roles and complex projects and tasks. A programme of focused coaching is a cost-effective way to ensure your people succeed at such critical times.

Measurable benefits of providing coaching include helping the individual:
• quickly address gaps in their knowledge and develop the critical new skills they need to succeed
• rapidly learn the art of focusing their time on the most important tasks
• understand how to engage, motivate, influence and persuade others over whom they have no direct authority
• develop a solution focused mindset and resilience
• successfully lead change and deliver mission critical projects on time and within budget.

To find out more about how a short programme of highly focused coaching will ensure your people succeed at such times, email me at philip@philipperry.com or call me on 07597 674328.

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