Executive and leadership coaching

Being the leader is challenging and exciting and I am sure there are times when you would welcome a confidential conversation with a trusted advisor to share your thoughts, acknowledge your humanity, feel heard and get some support.

I create a safe and confidential environment where you can step back from the day-to-day operational pressure, reflect, review what’s going well, what needs to change and the effectiveness of your leadership. The coaching also allows you to consider the future direction of the business and your career and take a temperature check that you are happy about how you are living your professional and personal life.

I offer thought provoking coaching which is highly tailored to your needs and aligned to the needs of the business.

Potential opportunities for coaching and mentoring for business leaders include:

  • Transition; moving into a bigger or more complex role
  • Times of change; mergers, acquisitions, organisational change
  • Leadership impact; helping good leaders become great leaders
  • Increasing self-awareness; developing authentic and conscious leadership
  • Strategic thinking and planning; broadening commercial acumen
  • Managing stakeholder relationships; influencing and impact on others; working in a matrix
  • Leading change; organisation design and development
  • Behavioural and limiting belief change; developing a positive, ‘can-do’ culture
  • Building personal brand; career planning and execution.

How I work with you

I begin every assignment with an open mind and draw on an extensive toolbox of business theories, leadership practices and coaching methods to help each client identify where and how they need coaching and mentoring support.  Usually I follow a simple four step process:

  1. Discovery: What do you want to achieve or change? What does your organisation want to get from the coaching? What is the business and personal context for the coaching?
  2. Contracting: What topics will we address through the coaching? How many sessions are necessary?  What are the confidentiality and reporting agreements? How and when will we meet?
  3. Programme: We usually meet for between four and six sessions of face-to-face coaching with interim telephone and email support. Dependent on location, we may use Skype or a video-conference facility.
  4. Evaluation: What has been achieved?  What’s still to be done? Future development needs; learning for coach and coachee.

If you have a current challenge you would like to resolve through coaching or mentoring, please call me in complete confidence and without obligation on 07597 674328 or email:  philip@philipperry.com  to book a free 30 minute telephone call to get the conversation started.