Assessing leadership ability and potential

There are fundamentally two things you need to do before you embark on investing in developing the leadership capability of your senior people, emerging leaders and high potentials:

  • be clear about what leadership behaviours are critical to the success of your organisation
  • know potential participants’ current leadership strengths and areas for development

I work with a small selection of Partners who are highly experienced and specialise in providing the following services:

Capability frameworks

Is your current capability or competency framework right to take your leaders and the business to the next level of performance? I can work with you to review and refine the leadership behaviours and accountabilities to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Assessment centres

I can work in partnership with you and my team of business and occupational psychologists to co-design and deliver assessment processes which reflect the real economic and business environments in which you operate. We tailor our assessment approach and methodology to ensure that participants are fully engaged and challenged. Facilitators give in depth and meaningful feedback which help participants clarify their leadership strengths and areas for personal and professional growth.

Psychological interviews

I am skilled at interviewing senior leaders, emerging leaders and high potential individuals to help them understand about their own values and what drives them.  The psychological based interviews will establish how ambitious the participant is to take on a more senior leadership role in the organisation, their willingness to devote the time and energy to the necessary personal development and career ambitions.  This means that you will only invest in those people who are ready to develop as leaders and will give you an opportunity to manage employees’ expectations.

 Psychometric profiling

I can provide psychological profiling based on a broad range of well-respected psychological profiling tools (e.g. Insights Discovery ®, Myers-Briggs, FIRO-B, Hogan Inventories, Rhodes Emotional Intelligence, etc). Insights gained from psychometric tools can invaluable to help individuals to reflect and identify development needs in line with the needs of the business, build on their strengths and learn where and how to adapt their behaviour to be more successful.


I can provide a specialist 360°design and administration service. The question set is tailored to measure the key behaviours and actions that are essential for your organisation.  The entire process is hosted via a secure and dedicated website administered by our Partner Company who specialise in 360°.  In addition, we can provide an App for use on Smartphones and tablet computers which can be used to track changes in behaviour of selected participants.

We can also provide a detailed report that summarises the strengths and highlights the development opportunities of the 360° population so you will have a more strategic view of the leadership strengths, weaknesses and development needs across your business.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of undertaking a 360° feedback process for some of your employees,  then please call me on 07597 674328 or email: