Philip Perry Executive Coaching Environmental Policy


Environmental Policy


I believe that it is my responsibility and the responsibility of all individuals I employ within that business to protect and maintain the environment. As a business, we work hard every day to raise our own and other peoples’ awareness of the need to look after our environment and take responsibility to minimise the impact we might have on the environment.

We do this where possible by:

  • Ensuring that timber and related products we use come only from managed woodland or other sustainable sources.
  • Minimising waste created by the business and recycling materials such as waste paper, cardboard, glass and mount-boards at local recycling facilities.
  • Sourcing and using packaging that can be recycled.
  • Encouraging our suppliers and customers to be environmentally aware and recycle as much as they can.
  • Keeping a careful watch of energy and water consumption and endeavouring to reduce this when we can.
  • Continually reassessing ways to further reduce the environmental impact of what we do.


Philip Perry
Owner and managing Director

Philip Perry Executive Coaching